About Us

Booker Contracting began connecting homeowners to handymen years ago with the simple thought that people deserved the best when it came to all those annoying, minor projects that spring up around the house. Much like how friends ask around when looking for a reliable contractor, we began asking contractors and homeowners about their best experiences with services. And soon, we developed a network of handymen that spanned from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the border of Canada to that of Mexico.

All of the handymen who are a part of Booker Contracting are considered the best in their particular area when it comes to some of the most common residential projects American homeowners run into. They have years of experience performing everything from house painting to toilet installation and are consistently trained in new techniques and projects so as to help as many homeowners as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about what Booker Contracting handyman service could do for your home, contact us to arrange a complimentary, no obligation estimate today.